Completed: Dec 2018

Artisan Desert Retreat

Santa Fe-style stucco home with classic, enviable lines and a recently-added guest house. Active family with three children that loves outdoor sports, and the natural, uninterrupted desert.The objectives for the client were:• Visually connect the newly-constructed guest house with the main residence.• Construct a pool large enough to accommodate kayak rolling and training.• Develop a harmonious natural, desert landscape design with low-water maintenance.The main residence and the guest home were connected via natural, walking pathways. Stabilized, decomposed granite combined the utility of pavement with the organic beauty of the surrounding desert. Full-sized trees, boulders, and indigenous cacti allowed us to blur the transition from our design in to the rustic surroundings.A deep, natural-style pool was surrounded with valuable, specialized desert plants. Added visual impact was accomplished through large groupings of single plant species, arranged in massive waves. Adhering to the client’s low-water philosophy, this design was completely removed from drip irrigation after needing only 1.5 years of maturation. Romantic details included ethnic columns, mosaic inlays, an outdoor shower, and watering holes for quail. An open-flame fire feature became a design focal point, with artistic, metal demi-walls that protect the open flame from the canyon winds.

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