Completed: Dec 2018

Architectural Mountain Reserve

Lavish landscape design, reminiscent of resort-living. Powerful design that holds its own against the strong, architectural bones of the residence.

The objectives for the client were:

  • Design a comprehensive, master landscape plan that partners with the bold architecture of the home.
  • Integrate planting within the existing frame of the residence.
  • Create an elaborate outdoor entertaining area.

Our aim for this project was to develop a design that thoughtfully complemented the architectural details of the main residence through symmetry and simplicity.  Planting was integrated into the frame of the home with simple touches, such as planting a single species of grass in slender planting spaces.  Repetition of plants as accents added restrained sophistication throughout the design, and it allowed the design to flow, free of congestion.

Dramatic, architectural beams extending from the roofline were punctuated with carefully-selected saguaro cacti of identical heights, which were designed to pop up between each of the beams. Our favorite features of this desert Shangri-La included an Asian garden, an outdoor shower, an elaborate collection of pottery, two outdoor kitchens, two fireplaces, four patios, and four televisions.

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