Design Questionnaire

1— Landscape Address

2— Design Style + Preferences

Please choose the look or design that would best describe your style preference for the exterior of your home. For this, you may want to consider both the current style of your exterior, and the interior decor of your home.
Please check any outdoor activities you would like to incorporate into your landscaping
Please check any landscape features you would like to incorporate into your landscaping.
Are there any special considerations you'd like for us to take into account into your design plan? e.g. plant preferences/dislikes/allergies, pool ramp, hand rail, etc.
Are you working with an architect or builder? If so, please fill in their contact information (name, address, phone number, and email) so that we may contact them directly for AutoCAD files of your home and/or lot.
How much time are you willing to dedicate to yard maintenance:
Will you be needing a pool and/or spa design?
Please upload any Home Owners Association guidelines, a copy of your plot plan (showing how your house is positioned on your lot) and/or any photographs of your existing space

3— Budget + Timing

Please discuss your comfortable budget for this project:
Please discuss your desired timing for this project:
Which of our design services are you interested in?