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10 Best Stocking Stuffers for the Gardener

Who doesn't love shopping for stocking stuffers? It's fun to pick out lots of little things that are just perfect for your recipients. I like to look at these lists to find ideas for teachers, secret Santa exchanges and co-workers. Giving Starbucks gift cards gets old.

Here's what I'm loving from Boxhill this year.

Pro tip: if trying to figure out what to get someone, think about what they've given you. It's a fact: people always give things they want to receive.

What if you could bottle the scent of the desert after a rain? Good news: we did. Or, at least, we found people to do it for you. Out of all of the luscious scents poured by hand into recycled wine bottles by our candle company, I love the Adobe Sunsets candle the best because it reminds me of home. Light one to instantly set the mood + vibe of the southwest no matter where you are. (Perfect for sending to your desert-loving friend who's stuck in the city.)

Seed bombs started out as a guerrilla gardener weapon of choice, a way to sow wildflowers in vacant lots. The seeds are packed into small clay balls. The clay helps keep the seeds moist while they germinate, making even the most hospitable moonscape a potential garden site.

Gardeners with fertile ground will get a kick out of these Culinary Seed Bombs available with edible flowers, culinary herbs, and salad greens. Go from zero to kitchen garden in a snap. Great for kids with green thumbs, too!

Pure nostalgia with an updated minimalistic look, these stainless windmills from Germany come in two sizes to fit every garden. In addition to adding a touch of whimsy to the garden, they'll do double duty, keeping birds from devouring baby veggies and protecting ripening berries in the spring and fall. They're so darn cute, too.

To water or not to water? Never guess with Boxhill's metric rain gage. It's a sure sign you're getting older (and need specific weather data on hand at all times to fire up a conversation) or you're just a nerd like me when you want to know how much precipitation has fallen on any given day. However, why settle for blaring red numbers and questionable durability? You and your high-style gardener gift recipient need function that sticks with sleek modern style and this one delivers.

This cool gift may take up the whole damn stocking but we gotta feed the birds, my friends. What we do NOT have to do is feed them from a splintery replica of a questionable summer camp cabin. (Isn't that way most squirrel (I mean bird) feeders look like?

The sleek Boxhill bird feeder is at home in any desert modern garden — a sculptural but functional welcoming perch for our feathered friends.

One candle is a beacon. Two or three create ambience. More than three. . . just stick to three. The authentic quartz topper of each Namadar candle promotes healing, amplifies energy and thought, and balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. It's also elegant even when the candle isn't burning. Choose from 10 fresh scents. There's bound to be one that fits each person on your list.

Boxhill's Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle deck provides a daily reminder to slow down and connect with your own wisdom and intuition. It's not a Tarot deck, predictive of the future (not that there's anything wrong with that), but a tool to remind the recipient to reflect and look within for the guidance and direction you need to move from your heart rather than your head.

This stocking stuffer is a gift that gives back — to the recipient and to the earth. I donate $3 from every deck sale to for global reforestation projects and women's leadership programs.

Get the temperature without leaving your cozy reading chair. This modern wall mounted thermometer gives you more weather data to talk about, displaying the outdoor temperature in celsius on your living room or kitchen window in large, clean print. (No glasses needed.)

If you got lost on your way to visit your new friend, give the gift of easy identification — Modern House Number stickers. These instantly upgrade any mailbox (wall mounted or free standing) from factory-issued to sleek and chic, with the added bonus that the Uber Eats driver will now be able to find them.

Our French lavender buds bring the soothing calm of a wander through the lavender fields right to your house (or your gift recipient's). Bright purple lavender flower buds are harvested at the peak of freshness and dried for use in a vintage bowl, to fill a sachet, or to add fragrance to a warm bath or in decor. A simple, yet decadant, gift.

After running down this list I'm feeling a touch of "One for them; one for me" coming on. Who says you can't stuff your own stocking? ;)

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