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Give with Gratitude

For me, the best part of the holidays is really seeing the faces of family and friends when they open a gift. I'm filled with gratitude for their place in my life, and I hope to show that by what I give.

When selecting gifts, I like to find things that will give back to the recipients — plants that grow, energy-giving candles, or fun and funky lights that make their backyards a more inviting space. I love to gift items that they can enjoy all year, not just use up and toss.

Here's what you might find under your tree this year if you're on my list.

Someone once told me that you aren't an adult until you can take care of someone other than yourself. I'm not sure if plants count, but I think it's a gift to water and give life to something else, seeing it grow and come into fruition. This watering can is definitely for the diva gardener in your life. Most people have to hide their ugly houseplant watering ca, but not this baby. She can proudly be put on display!

These little jewels are just so freaking adorable and giving one is such a great gesture. I promise it'll make anyone's day, not just the gardeners in your life. The little succulent plants are so easy to take care of that even professed plant-challenged individuals will be delighted. Each adorable gift box is handmade and you have the choice of selecting a package that matches the special occasion for the gift.

We love seed bombs! What's awesome about these little guys is that they are the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift. The culinary seed bombs are great for gardeners who like to cook. I especially love the edible flowers. Kids get a kick out of eating flowers, and adults can garnish their cocktails with the blooms. In addition to the culinary seed bombs, we also offer wildflowers for different regions, making the seed bombs a super easy gift to send.

Amaryllis bulbs are literally every flower girl's dream. Without much effort these little beauties will pop up for you and burst into bloom. I love this 6 pack because I always have gifts that I need to give to the people in my life that make my life run smoother, like my amazing girl at FedEx who literally moves my printing to the front of the line and never makes me wait, or my bookkeeper who makes me feel like I am on top of my books even when I give her a big trash bag of receipts.

I doubt these people are expecting a gift from me, but when I have little things these gorgeous amaryllis gift boxes around, it makes it easy not to forget all the people in my life who I love. Plus these bulbs come already wrapped in these adorable little boxes. How can you not love a no hassle gift like these wonderful beauties?

SAY WHAT?!? Yep you heard me:  This baby takes the work out of gardening, but lets your favorite (busy, constantly traveling, juggling a million things) gardener enjoy flowers, herbs, and vegetables all season long. Still a Boxhill favorite after 3 years.

Do you have a plant-loving friend who lacks space? Help them bring the garden inside with Boxhill's living wall planter. The modular design allows serious gardeners to stack and create true living walls, but each planter is beautiful on its own and can hold two 6-inch plants or one 8-inch plant. For a truly thoughtful gift, plant it up before you present it to your gift recipient.

Give the gift of peace and quiet, the gift of life with this simple focal point fountain. It drowns out the background noise and creates a soothing atmosphere wherever it's placed.

Ditch those hideous barrels and come on over to the sexy side of water harvesting. Perfect for all the high-end hippies you know that like to collect and protect in a very "chic" way. You've never seen a rain barrel like this.

Show someone you "AVO" them! This funky little gadget is perfect for everyone who can't figure out how to get those darn toothpicks into the avocado pits they want to root. This makes life simple and looks pretty on your bay windowsill. Problem solved. Next!  (Makes a good stocking stuffer, too.)

Let there be light! These spheres are so darn fun. I love floating them in a pool, putting them in a group of 3 under a tree, or popping them on an outdoor patio. They are amaze-a-balls. Seriously!  I guarantee you that nobody will be re-gifting these. They are the coolest gift ever. I still have people asking to borrow mine for parties. (Guys, you can get them in the shop!) A definite one for them-one-for-me purchase.

Holidays are all about warmth and gathering with your friends and family. What if you could give the gift of that happy feeling to last year round? If you're looking for a splurge, this gorgeous modern fire dish is always a hit, and will inspire many memories to come.

Looks like your shopping is done! And it's only November. Time to relax and enjoy the holidays.

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